GT vs MI IPL 5th Match Highlights 3-24-2024

Watch cricket video highlights between Gujarat Titans vs Mumbai Indians. Indian Premier League 2024 fifth match, played at Ahmedabad.

Pay close attention to Shubman Gill. the skipper. After 12 overs, with the Mumbai Indians needing to reach 169, they were down to 107 for 2, then he blasted his team to tie the game. And they sure as hell did.

Even though the conditions were largely in their favor—two set hitters at the crease and plenty of dew on the field—a batting lineup that is the talk of the T20 world fell apart. And Titans went on to achieve a famous one, despite having less than 8% chance of winning. Perhaps it isn’t, though. because they persist in acting in this manner. They continue to defy the odds.

They were given a serious fright by their former skipper, who helped them become IPL champions. When 19 were needed to begin the final over, Hardik Pandya started with a 6 and 4. He appeared to be in the right frame of mind. During the chase, Spencer Johnson was given instructions by his former coach Ashish Nehra, who remained on the boundary for most of the chase and seemed to be spoon-feeding him what to do in the 19th over, which resulted in two of the five wickets that fell in the last 13 balls. He was unable to observe.

However, he ought to have. Because even though Umesh Yadav doesn’t really bowl at the death, he took full use of the two bouncers per over regulation and blasted one up at Hardik’s right ear, which was just reached by the fielder at long-on despite his strength. Eighty-thousand and one persons let out a collective shout. They felt it. They had a feeling they were going to have another amazing victory.

Between overs 13 and 17 in the chase, this game changed. Since just one of them produced more than a ball and a run.

R Sai Kishore had a very mature performance; he doesn’t always make the Titans XI but he’s never given off the impression that he’s been on the outside looking in. With considerable elegance, he dismissed Rohit Sharma by bringing his length down, reducing his tempo, and using his great spinner so much that he collapsed in his crease while playing the sweep.

From then on, Rashid Khan seized over and produced an event that indicated the balance was about to change. Since IPL 2022, Tim David, the finest power batter for Mumbai, has been averaging 7.6 against legspin, therefore he was shielded from the strike. At this 17th over, the needed rate remained within the eight and a half range. Six wickets were in hand for the batting side. With an equation like that, they really ought not to have been under any kind of strain.

However, they did, and Mohit Sharma—who is an excellent case study since his greatest strength defies his job description—took the wickets as a consequence of that pressure. The quick bowler, who poses a far greater threat when using his slower delivery. That was incredibly helpful in a pitch that was two-paced. With an offcutter-boucner that soared up to the batter’s helmet and took away all of his force, he dismissed David.

That’s when the unlikely prospect of a Titans return turned into a reality.

The Titans’ innings lacked consistency. In five of their twenty overs, there were five runs or fewer. Four more made sixty, including thirty consecutive from the tenth and eleventh overs and nineteen from the eighteenth over, when Luke Wood lost his strategy. With the field set up for the slower ball, he opted for pace and his slower ball sailed for six, making it too easy for Rahul Tewatia to reach third in the circle. This type of game was being created by a two-paced pitch that occasionally stayed low as well.

Sai Sudharsan (45 off 39) and Gill (31 off 22) both got off to quick starts and eliminated any uncertainty that arises when hitters play few strokes for boundaries. He only managed four hits and a 115 strike rate, but he did say at the intervals that the ball was staying low and holding up in the pitch, and they were happy with the number they had reached.

Perhaps the reason they let up 47 runs in the first six overs was because Jasprit Bumrah bowled just one of them. Thudding into the base of Wriddhiman Saha’s middle stump, he hit with a magnificent yorker. This was classic cricket from maybe the world’s finest player right now. The most unique one, anyhow.

Even more of Bumrah’s brilliance was revealed in his rejection of David Miller. He makes that ungainly gesture. He moves at an incredible rate (considering that he essentially walks for the most of his run-up). He has the greatest yorker in the industry. When the batter takes a strike, he keeps all of this in mind. And is totally unready for the ball that moves more slowly.

Miller was finished. He was done. His bat moved in response to the complete absence of pace, straying so far in front of his body that he lost his balance due to the darkness, while his body moved in one direction because his feet were caught on the crease, scared about the high-pace ball, maybe the yorker. Likewise, his wicket.

Bumrah concluded with 4-0-14-3 stats. They were all one-over spells. He was unable to develop a rhythm since he was at his best straight away. At that moment, it was unimaginable that he would also be required to bat, but it is something you always have to be prepared for when playing the Titans.

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